[ Our Idea ]

Creative, delicious, Intriguing cusine where every detail has been considered

Remo and Mario’s menu is built around the freshest seasonal food, transformed with techniques that enhance their characteristics and flavors without making unecessary changes

Fish, meat and vegetables come together in compositions with a unique flavor, full of memories and references to tradition, but looking towards innovation, making it different and interesting to the eye and to the palate.

The desserts complete the menu in a surprising and delightful way, giving the final accent of freshness to the table, light and tasty at the same time. Dessert is never an afterthought, but instead a beautiful ending to your experience.

A four-handed restaurant for a composite cuisine, where traditional techniques and flavors (learned in the origins of Puglia then around Italy and the world) blend with innovation and creativity worthy of a great table, treasuring what was learned over the years and trying to reinvent itself, every day.