[ The team ]

The service is carried out by the whole team together, in an intersection of roles

The chefs

Remo and Mario Capitaneo, chef brothers of Apulian origin, moved to Milan at a young age to follow their passion for cooking.

n 2006, Remo Capitaneo joined the team of renowned chef Andrea Berton at Trussardi alla Scala restaurant (2 Michelin stars), in 2009, he worked with chef Enrico Crippa chef at Piazza Duomo Alba (2 Michelin stars) and in 2010 he became a trusted collaborator of Enrico Bartolini. Starting at the Devero Restaurant (2 Michelin stars) and then at the Enrico Bartolini’s Mudec Restaurant in Milan and in 2019 this very restaurant celebrated the return of the 3 Michelin stars to Milan.

Complementary and cohesive, with a more rational and pragmatic vision, Remo, and a more outgoing and creative Mario, are united by their love for cooking and their constant desire to challenge themselves and improve.

Younger brother Mario Capitaneo first worked with chef Andrea Berton at the Trussardi alla Scala restaurant (2 Michelin stars) from 2006 to 2008, from 2008 to 2010 at the Cracco Peck restaurant (2 Michelin stars). And in 2010 he reunited with his older brother Remo at Enrico Bartolini’s Devero Restaurant (2 Michelin stars). Later arriving at the Mudec Restaurant in Milan together with Remo, supporting chef Enrico Bartolini to achieve 3 Michelin stars.

A long journey sprinkled with commitment, enthusiasm, desire, and stars which has now brought them to Milan, to an attic, to a symbolic place in the city, Piazza Duomo which already hosts some giants of Italian gastronomy.

Marco Matta , Maitre e Sommelier

After working at Luogo di Aimo e Nadia (2 Michelin stars) at Enrico Bartolini’s restaurant at Mudec Milano (3 Michelin stars), and later at Casa Perbellini in Verona (2 Michelin stars), he chooses to return to Milan and return to work with the Capitaneo brothers.

At the Service